World Premiere: Common Ground
TADA! Youth Theater, a unique Drama Desk award-winning nonprofit youth theater, is proud to present its most recent live production, TADA!'s first two act musical, and world premiere of Common Ground, for your home (or anywhere you like) viewing pleasure.

This 90 minute musical, performed by a diverse cast of talented young actors ages 11-18, is recommended for ages 11 and up. This production contains mature language and flashing lights.

Synopsis: America is a story that we keep telling. Until it comes true. It’s 2018. Immigration crackdowns. Family separation. Life is scary for immigrants in the U.S. But 15-year-old Ysabella Martinez hits town with stars in her eyes, ready to conquer New York and win fame and fortune as an influencer. She joins an after school program for fellow immigrants from all over the world, finds a prickly new best friend in NYC-born Emma, and begins to build her new life. But when ICE detains her and her family, she and her new friends discover that America is nothing like they thought it was.
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